Joy Travel International specializes in offering customized and in-depth experience and tours of Egypt for its clients.  

Working exclusively with Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities for the past 20 years, allowing clients to go beyond the traditional must-see destinations where other tour companies are not allowed.   You are taken through the country’s vast, untapped treasured sites in remote, “off-the-beaten path” locations closed off to the general public. 

Whether you would like to travel in large groups or customized individual tours, you will have personal guidance by noted Archaeologists, Egyptologists, and university professors who are well versed in the culture’s history, mythology, and modern-day life.  You will meet and dine with local families where you will get a first hand glimpse of what it’s like to be a local – politically, historically, and culturally.

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fadel gad
Fadel Gad
, the Founder and President of Joy Travel International, has served the Egyptian government as an Archaeologist for ten years.  He personally has led many tours to his native country, the Middle East and other ancient cultures throughout the world. 


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