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My name is Fadel (rhymes with ‘bottle’), and Egypt is my stomping grounds. I was born, raised and educated in Egypt, where I received a degree in Egyptian Archaeology.

Today, I live in Southern California with my wonderful wife Rogene of 20 years, who is a Southern California native.

I have enjoyed the pleasurable Los Angeles lifestyle for many years, and consider this to be my home.

However, I am still and will always be proud of my Egyptian heritage. And nothing pleases me more than to bring travelers to my home country. After leading more than 100 groups to and through Egypt, I am happy to report that everyone has returned home safely, over-fed, and filled with great stories of their fun adventures.

Please feel free to contact me as your convenience, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about traveling to Egypt. But more than that, let me take you there personally.

Fadel Gad, noted Egyptologist and President/Founder of Joy Travel International, has been leading educational tours to Egypt and other countries for more than 20 years.  Originally from Memphis, the first capitol of Egypt, he received his Master’s degree in Archaeology, Ancient Egyptology, and Islamic Art at the Cairo University.  He served as an Archaeologist of Antiquities in Egypt for many years.  His experience in the field includes excavations in Fostat, Saqqara, Cellia, and the Monastery of Abo Henes.  His comprehensive knowledge of ancient Egypt has enabled him to fill lecture halls as well as participate in broadcast programs where he speaks about a myriad of topics including Egyptian mythology and the ancient Egyptian concept of gods and goddesses.  Fadel recently served as Executive Producer for specials on Egyptian archaeology for public television.

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