Difficulty Ratings

Some parts of our trips can be quite physical. In this part of the world, un-even ground is the rule – not the exception. We frequently wander away from the trails, heading into rough terrain or plodding through soft sand.

There are varying levels of climbing – from a few simple stairs to piles of boulders, to steep hills that seem endless. Crawling on all fours is not unheard of. In other words, if you have any physical impairments that would not enable you to traverse these types of conditions, this may not be the trip for you. Because your trip mates will eagerly push forward, and will not appreciate being held back.

However, if you are in reasonably good health and physical condition, you should have no trouble. Some folks can get a bit claustrophobic as we enter into small enclosed spaces, such as inside the tomb chambers, caverns, and caves. But this specific issue should not stop you from traveling with us.

Our trips are not for those that wish to spend a lot of time laying around a pool or shopping in malls. Our trips are for those that are up to physical challenges, want plenty of sunshine, good food, and a lot of intellectual stimulation.

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