Practice Words

Good manners are a must in every language. Here is a list of words that will help you as you tour this part of the world while exhibiting respect for their culture. You are guaranteed to earn smiles and good will as you travel!

Arabic Words: Egypt & Jordan

Hello Salaam Alekum orMarhaba Good bye Ma salama   [Your mama’s a llama]
Good morning Sabah el kheer Good evening Masa el kheer
Yes Aiwa No La
Please Min fadlock Thank You Shukran   [I shook Ron‘s hand.]
Welcome Ahlan Wasahlan  You’re Welcome Afwan
Nice to meet you Latif an oo-ka-bee-lok  Today Al youm
How are you? Kaifa halak I’m fine, thank you. Ana bikyar, shukran
And you? Wa anti  No problem. Malesh
Bonus: Do you speak English?     Hal tata-kallam aling-lisya


Spanish Words: Peru & Chile

Hello Hola Good bye Adios
Good morning Buenos Dias Good evening Buena noches
Yes Si No No
Please Por favor Thank You Gracias
Welcome Bienvenido  You’re Welcome De nada
Nice to meet you Es un placer conocerte  Today Hoy
How are you? Como estas? I’m fine, thank you. Estoy bien, gracias.
And you? Y usted?  No problem. No hay problema
Bonus: Do you speak English?     Habla usted Engles?

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