Reading List: Egypt

For your reference, this book list covers different topics on Egyptology:

Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt

  • By R.T. Rundle Clark

The Great Pyramid, It’s Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

  • By Piazzy Smyth

Secrets of the Great Pyramid

  • By Peter Tompkins

The Blue Guide

  • By Veronica Seton-William and Peter Stocks

Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt

  • By Erik Hornug

Akhenaten King of Egypt

  • By Cyril Aldred

Ancient Egyptian Religion

  • By H. Frankfort

The Woman Who Would be King

  • By Kara Kooney

The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics

  • By Jean Dorsse

The Literature of Ancient Egypt

  • By William Kelly Simson

The Pyramids of Egypt

  • By I. E. S. Edwards

Egyptian Mummies

  • By Bob Brier

The Animal World of the Pharaohs

  • By Patrick F. Houlihan

Atlas of the Egyptian Art

  • By E. Prisse D’Avennes

Atlas of the Valley of the Kings: The Theban Mapping Project, Part I

  • Edited by Kent R. Weeks

The Complete Tutankhamen: The Tomb, The Royal Treasure

  • By Nicholas Reeves

Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs

  • Edited by Regine Schulz and Matthias Seidel

The Secrets of the Sphinx: Restoration Past and Present

  • By Dr. Zahi Hawass

The Tomb of Nefertari: House of Eternity

  • By John K. McDonald

The Valley of the Golden Mummies

  • By Dr. Zahi Hawass

Secrets from the Sand

  • By Dr. Zahi Hawass

**The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries

  • By Mark Lehner

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