EGYPT: The Royal Tour 2018

With private access to
The city of Akhenaton & Nefertiti plus the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx

October 02 - 15, 2018

Led by: Fadel Gad
This tour will take you beyond the beaten tourist path to visit hidden archeological sites not accessible to the general public. This will include a private and exclusive visit to the Great Pyramid interior and the Great Sphinx plus a private visit to the Temple of Luxor in Luxor City. Private access to these sites is essential as it will give you valuable knowledge of Egyptian Antiquities. For those who visit it Egypt before we added Middle Egypt to give you access to the city of Tel El Amarna where Nefertiti once lived with Akhenaten.

Your tour guide, Fadel Gad, is an Egyptologist who worked for the Egyptian Department of Antiquities and conducted excavations in Lower and Upper Egypt. Fadel Gad is the owner and President of Joy Travel International located in Santa Monica, California. Through his company, he has led many tours from numerous educational institutions nationwide.

We hope you join us in this unique opportunity to visit Egypt, one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

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  • day 1 ~ depart US
  • day 2 ~ CAIRO
  • day 3 ~ cairo | Aswan
  • day 4 ~ Nile Cruise
  • day 5 ~ Nile Cruise
  • day 6 ~ Nile Cruise | Luxor
  • day 7 ~ Luxor | Valley of the Kings
  • day 8 ~ luxor | Abydos
  • day 9 ~ Abydos | Amarna
  • day 10 ~ Amarna | Giza
  • day 11 ~ Giza
  • day 12 ~ giza
  • Day 13 ~ Cairo
  • Day 14 - Depart Egypt

Monday October 8, 2018

Drive to the West Bank of Luxor City. Visit the Valley of the Kings, containing the exquisite tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs, the Valley of the Queens, & the Valley of the Nobles. By special permission from the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, visit several tombs that are not open to the general public. In the afternoon, lunch at the historic courtyard of the venerable Sheikh Ali Restaurant, watering hole of all renowned Egyptologists, including Howard Carter. Following lunch, we visit the great mortuary temples of Hatshepsut, Ramses II, & Ramses III, as well as the ancient village of Dier el Medina with its extraordinary tombs of the ordinary workers who built the temples.

Nile Cruise (B, L, D)

Valley of the Kings, Egypt ~ Joy Travel International

$5,390 pp (dbl occupancy ) Land arrangements and domestic flights within Egypt
$6,490  pp (dbl occupancy) Land arrangements, domestic flights within Egypt, and international flights from most major US cities.
$1,050 Single room occupancy supplement


  • Deluxe Nile Cruise, all meals included
  • Guest Lecturers and English speaking tour guide
  • Deluxe accommodations in first class hotels
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary
  • Domestic flights in Egypt
  • All transfers to and from Egypt airports
  • All site fees
  • Bottled water


Fadel Gad, noted Egyptologist and President and Founder of Joy Travel International, has been leading educational tours to Egypt and other countries for more than 20 years. Originally from Memphis, the first capitol of Egypt, he received his Master’s degree in Archaeology, Ancient Egyptology, and Islamic Art at the Cairo University. He served as an Archaeologist of Antiquities in Egypt for many years. His field experience includes excavations in Fostat, Saqqara, Cellia, and the Monastery of Abo Henes. His comprehensive knowledge of ancient Egypt has enabled him to fill lecture halls as well as participate in broadcast programs where he speaks about a myriad of topics including Egyptian mythology and the ancient Egyptian concept of gods and goddesses. Fadel most recently served as Executive Producer for specials on Egyptian archaeology for public television.

Fadel Gad

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